Bein Hatlamim

Community agricultural space

“Bein Hatlamim" farm

“Bein Hatlamim" farm is a non-profit organization that constitutes an occupational agricultural space for youth and encourages sustainability through local community productivity.

Our Goal

To serve both as alternative and additional educational environments for youth who struggle in the formal educational systems, by implementing an independent vocational environment.


Occupational educational rationale

Our educational concept is based on the personal choice of the youth to be an active and integral part of the farm’s team. In addition, we expect the salary to promote a high level of openness and motivation to take part in the educational and agricultural structure, as well as increasing the youth׳s sense of independence.


We believe that in a space where the youth is an integral part of the team, they learn firsthand about responsibility, implications for choices they make, and ways to cope with situations that do not depend solely on them. By the common labor in the daily fieldwork the adult team provides the youth with various tools, including, but not limited to work skills, mentorship, persistence, tolarence and other work ethics. In this space, adolescents will be able to develop diverse and independent life skills. In addition, participants will be given an educational program tailored to their
needs, while considering their commitment to the fieldwork.

Agriculture as a form of education

Agriculture and farming come hand in hand with challenges in situations that do not depend solely oneself, and at the same time strengthens the ability to be part of a process of growth and change. In this process, the youth serve as an integral part of the farm׳s development, where they learn about the forces hidden in nature, ways to observe processes and to adjust according to the different needs of each plant.

Eventually, the youth closes a circle by providing his community with organic, healthy and nutritious produce they grow themselves in the field. We believe that agriculture invites us to succeed but also presents us with challenges, gives us hope for growth and mainly gives us fertile ground to look through on ourselves.


Our community

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